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CityFit offers strength training, body weight training, mobility training that will develop you into a better athlete.  Whether you are a serious performance athlete, health-conscious athlete, mom athlete, desk-bound athlete, or whatever it is that you do - if you move, that makes you an athlete!

We take your personal goals and desires seriously.  That’s why at CityFit, you will receive individual attention to help you attain your goal.  And we will do it with you in the most efficient way – via improving communication between you and your own nervous system.  The nervous system is the governing system for your body.  It controls everything.  With a wide array of options and tools, we are equipped to identify and address your specific training need to help  you rewire your movement patterns so you achieve your highest potential. 

Several factors impact movement, such as visual function, vestibular (balance) function, breathing patterns, and how you act and react to environmental ‘threats’.

Through individual or small group sessions, we will uncover the highest threat that your brain perceives – in other words, we will find your nervous system's 'hot button'.  Through a careful assessment and reassessment process, you will walk away with a personalized plan to get out of pain,  feel better, stronger, and free yourself from unnecessary tension.  

So if you decide you want to be a better athlete, contact Dorothy at to get more information.

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”Health is not simply the absence of sickness” - Hannah Green